Near the end of the Adventure Tour!

by Susan
(Meadow Vista, CA)

Finishing the Adventure Tour

Finishing the Adventure Tour

I'd been wanting to do this my whole life! I'd previously rappelled down twice before, but the Adventure Tour was the BOMB! I was afraid being out of shape and having arthritis would make it impossible, but with a great tour guide and a very supportive boyfriend, I did it! I highly recommend it, it's just something 'out of this world'. :)

Here's a picture of us just about at the end of it. Worst part? Yup, climbing that beautiful, very loooong staircase back up! :)

Tip::: Wear VERY grubby comfy clothes, you WILL be dirty at the end! It's sooo worth it! We can't wait to do it again.

Excellent post Susan. I'm glad you finally got to realize your life-long adventure!

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