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Moaning Cavern is the largest cavern in California that's open to the public. It's also the place for underground, as well as above ground adventure.

Just the walking tour may be adventure enough for some. You access the cavern by way of a spiral staircase and 234 steps down. And yes, you have to go back up those steps to get out.

As you go down and then back up the staircase, you will be treated to some very nice formations such as this drapery.

And at the bottom you can view this 25 foot tall stalagmite called
"The Igloo"...

Moaning Cavern Cavers

If a walking tour into the cavern is too tame for you, that's no problem because you can also choose to rappel into the cavern like this guy. They also have a 3 hour adventure trip that starts out with the rappel and continues on with an exploration of the undeveloped parts of the cavern.

If you don't get enough adventure underground, up topside they have a climbing tower and even more exciting, 1500 foot twin zip lines...

Unfortunately, due to recent surgery on my shoulder, I was unable to participate in the more adventurous activities at the cavern, so I'm unable to give you a first-hand account of them at this time. I do plan to return in the future and check them out for you.

The walking tour is available every day of the year, lasts about 45 minutes and costs only $14.25 for adults and $7.15 for children aged 3 to 12. The rappel into the cavern is also available every day and costs $65.00. The 3 hour adventure trip is $130.00 with the rappel and $76.00 without.

Reservations are only necessary for groups on the walking tour or rappel. You do need to make a reservation for the 3 hour Adventure Trip though. The number for the cavern office is 209-736-2708.

So where is all this adventure located?  It's about 1 1/2 hours East of Stockton, California. The address is 5350 Moaning Cave Rd. Vallecito, CA 95251.

Here's the map...

There are a few places to stay in nearby Murphys but if you want something a little closer to airports, I recommend the Stockton Hilton for low-cost luxury. Overall, Moaning Cavern seems like a great place for the whole family and for the less adventurous in your group, there are plenty of wineries in the area to visit.

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