Bluespring Caverns is a Great Place to See Cave Animals

Bluespring Caverns are not the most beautiful caverns but they're a great destination to see cave animals in their natural habitat. You can see blind cave fish, blind crayfish, salamanders and an occasional bat.

Bluespring Caverns Entrance

The present day entrance to these caverns appeared in 1940 on the property of farmer George Colglazier when a sinkhole developed and swallowed a small pond. Bluespring is a river cave and with 3 miles of navigable river, it's the longest known subterranean river in the USA.

Bluespring Caverns Boat Tour

Visitors see the caverns by way of a boat. The only lighting in the cave comes from a light operated by the tour guide. This allows you to experience the caverns in their natural state, much the same way as the original explorers did.

Bluespring Caverns Soda Straws

There aren't a lot of cave formations in these caverns but
you will see some soda straws near the entrance.           

Bluespring Caverns Stalactites

And a few large stalactites along the way.

Blind Cave Crayfish

But what it lacks in speleothems (cave formations) it makes up for in cave animals. There's no guarantee that you'll see any of them but the blind crayfish are pretty plentiful and we saw quite a few on the tour.

All in all, Bluespring Caverns is a unique and fun adventure for the whole family. You won't see any dazling cave formations but you will experience what it's like to ride a boat on an underground river. And you'll probably see some of the creatures that live in that river.

The caverns do offer another adventure. Scout and other youth groups can experience the Overnight Adventure where they explore an undeveloped portion of the caverns and actually spend the night in the caverns. Contact them for more information.

Location: 1459 Blue Springs Cavern Road, Bedford, IN

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Hours: The caverns are closed from November through March 15 except for Overnight Adventures.

From March 16th through May, they are open 9am to 4pm EDT Monday through Friday and 9am to 5pm on weekends. These same hours apply in September and October.

During the months of June, July and August, they are open every day from 9am to 5pm EDT.

Phone: 818-279-9471



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