Arizona Caves & Caverns

Developed Arizona caves and caverns are few and far between. But whether you're heading to the amazing Grand Canyon or staying in the Tucson area, you have the opportunity to visit underground natural wonders. The huge cavern rooms of Grand Canyon Caverns will awe you while the hidden beauty of Kartchner Caverns will surprise you. As for adventure, there is plenty to be found at Colossal Cave Mountain Park.

Grand Canyon Caverns

Inside Grand Canyon CavernsInside Grand Canyon Caverns

The Grand Canyon Caverns are on the famous Route 66, on the way to the Grand Canyon if you're coming from Las Vegas. They're the largest dry caverns in North America. Although not highly decorated, the huge caverns are a good warm-up to the vastness of the Grand Canyon. In fact, there is speculation that the caverns may actually connect to the Grand Canyon itself, but I would advise taking the highway!

There are many interesting props to see here that would be great for the kids. And if you find yourself traveling late, there's even an Inn to stay in right on the property, as well as an RV park. A restaurant is available to feed hungry mouths. If you feel like staying a while, they also have horseback riding, gemstone panning, Jeep tours and hiking trails.

Kartchner Caverns

Not far from Benson Arizona, which is not far from Tucson, lie Kartchner Caverns. These caverns are a real treat compared to the stark landscape of the surrounding desert. These caverns were discovered by two cavers but are now taken care of by Arizona State Parks. They are very well protected. In fact, their whereabouts were a closely guarded secret during the years it took to develop the site for visitors.

These caverns are very popular and the tours do sell out, so be sure to visit this page for more information. While I don't have any pictures of the caverns on that page (photography isn't allowed) there is a good video to watch that will give you an idea of what it's like inside.

Colossal Cave

Not far from Kartchner Caverns is Colossal Cave Mountain Park. While not quite as beautiful, they have some interesting history and a lot of things to do. A wild cave tour is offered, which is a lot of fun. Besides caving, they have camping, picnicking, horseback riding and trails to hike.

Include Arizona Caves in Your Next Vacation

While not packed with show caves like some other states, Arizona offers some surprising adventures near the more well-known attractions it has to offer. Be sure to stop and check out Arizona caves on your next trip out West.

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