Discover the adventure of caves!

Are you looking for a safe and easy family adventure? Are you a real thrill-seeker looking for your next challenging experience? Somewhere in between? No matter where you are on the adventure scale, caves may be just what you're looking for.

You don't have to be an Indiana Jones™ to have an underground adventure. There are many show caves that will allow you to experience underground worlds safely and easily. Limestone caves are the most common type of show cave. You can find a list of popular limestone caves in the USA here.

Many of these places have additional tours that are more adventurous than what most people experience. They usually go to “off-trail” areas that most people don't get to see. These tours may be done by candlelight, lanterns or wearing helmets with headlamps. On one of these adventure tours you may be crawling through tight passages, climbing around boulders or even rappelling down vertical passages with ropes and climbing gear.

Besides the special tours underground, some places have exciting activities you can do above ground, like zip lines and climbing walls. There's often a gold panning or gem-finding set-up for the kids. And if that's not enough, there's often camping, hiking or boating activities nearby.

Other types of caves that you can visit are lava tubes, sea caves, ice caves and sandstone caves. Some of these can be an adventure just getting to them!

If you really like caves and want even more adventure in your life, you can join a caving club and learn how to explore undeveloped ones. Who knows, maybe you'll even discover a new one for future visitors to enjoy! I'll show you how to find one of these caving clubs in your area.

Caves can give your children an experience they will never forget or allow you to live out your own childhood fantasy of adventure. These beautiful and fascinating places are waiting for you!

To start planning your next adventure, check out the maps here.

Happy Caving!

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